About Us

In 1978, fresh out of high school, I got a job at an oil drilling rig/manufacturing company in the US oil belt that built and rebuilt oil equipment that was sold worldwide. In 1981, I made the move to mid-western Canada where I worked for multiple companies producing equipment ranging from commercial boats to highway trailers and agricultural equipment. In 1994, I started the family business and rented a 600 sq ft. bay in the village of Plum Coulee, Manitoba where I started my business. I built and repaired equipment mainly serving the farming community.

Schnell shop from 1994
1994: 600 sq. ft. bay rental

In 1997, my business had out grown the space and moved into a 2400 square ft. facility, just a block away from our original location.

Schnell shop from 1997
1997: 2,400 sq. ft. shop

I never shied away from challenges and opportunities. This led us to developing various custom add-ons for harvesting equipment, including a conveyor system for John Deere combines. The conveyor allowed the farmer to gently unload fragile crops like edible beans.

In 2002 we purchased a 4000 square foot facility, just across the tracks from the previous shop. Then in 2006 we reconnected with the oil and gas industry and as a result we required another expansion in 2010, we then expanded our existing building to 12,500 square feet.

Schnell shop from 2002
2002: 4,000 sq. ft. shop

Due to continuous growth through our existing and new customers another move was required. In 2013 we built a brand new 20,000 square foot shop with high ceilings, extra wide shop doors and overhead cranes, making our shop fully equipped to tackle any project out there. Our new facility is located in the east end of Winkler, Manitoba.

Fred Dueck

Schnell current shop
Current Shop: 20,000 sq. ft.