Header Tilt Brackets

Header tilt brackets for low clearance crop cutting allowing adjustment for different crop heights. Using header brackets to connect your crop-cutting attachments to a combine brings you a wealth of advantages. Because they can be adjusted to one of three heights, you can experience improved maneuverability in the field, maximize yield and get the most out of your equipment.


  • Designed to attach the John Deere 600 series header to the John Deere 9500, 9600 and earlier 9750 model combines.
  • Suited for soybean and edible bean crops, the header bracket enables a low clearance cut to avoid clipping bean pods.
  • With three position adjustment, this attachment ensures that the entire crop is harvested.

To learn more about what these tilt brackets can do for you, get in touch with Schnell Industries to give us your custom requirements.

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