Recycling Conveyors

Every Schnell Industries custom recycling conveyor is built to withstand the rigors of life in a materials recycling facility. High power, high capacity and quality belting help to achieve durability in these most demanding environments.

Waste Recycling Facilities Rely on Conveyors 

Recycling facilities are working harder than ever as communities endeavor to reduce waste going to landfills and individuals become more diligent about recycling. That means more volume, longer working hours and an increased variety of materials. Paper and paperboard, metal, glass, and plastic all need to be processed faster than ever. Rarely, though, is there any more space in which to work.

Increasing capacity requires custom recycling conveyors. A custom conveyor is one that’s engineered for the space available while also providing the throughput and durability needed. Schnell Industries specializes in building heavy-duty custom conveyors for transporting many forms of dry material. Waste material in recycling operations is no exception.

A Custom Recycling Conveyor Does the Job Better

Waste recycling conveyors are an integral part of almost every materials recycling facility. From material receipt, waste is conveyed to sorting and separation areas, often by wide paddle belt conveyors. Whether sorting is automated, performed by trommel-type separators, done manually or by a combination of methods, conveyors are essential for moving and distributing the waste material.

Once sorted and separated by size and type, material is moved on to compaction and baling. Waste recycling conveyors with capacity matched to incoming material volume assure a continuous flow is maintained.

Layout and materials to be handled vary widely. Further, standard conveyors are unlikely to provide the throughput or reliability needed. Only by working with a specialist conveyor company that engineers to suit your application can you be sure of getting the performance and value you need.

Choose Schnell Industries for Your Custom Recycling Conveyors

Schnell Industries designs, fabricates and assembles custom equipment including heavy-duty conveyors. With our attention to detail throughout design and manufacture, our machines are known for their performance, durability, safe operation and ease of maintenance.

High capacity and reliability mean a Schnell Industries custom recycling conveyor will raise productivity and throughput. That lets facility operators handle increasing demands without reconfiguring space or needing to add on to the building.

To learn more about what our waste recycling conveyors could do for your operation, contact us today.

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