While we cater to the Agricultural and Oil and Gas industry, we often get requests for custom manufacturing work. This includes but is not limited to trailer and other heavy-duty equipment repairs, building framework, creating signage and more. If you have a need, we can help you with, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to work with you.

3D Design, Laser Cutting, Waterjet, Forming, Plate Rolling, Mig Welding 
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum, TIG Welding Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Machining, Blasting, Powder Coating, 2 Tandem 5 Ton overhead Cranes for a total lift capacity of 40,000 lbs. 20’ under hook max height. Hydraulic hose cutting & Crimping, Tube Bending and Rolling and a full assembly department.

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    Telescopic Belt Conveyors

    We were contracted to build a telescopic belt conveyor that could convey to a height of 60’, have a drive over intake section to unload trucks, be mobile to move from bin to bin and be legal for road transport with a semi-tractor.

    After a few months in design and prototyping we had the first unit out for in field testing.

    This original design has evolved a lot since and has been ground breaking in the Frac sand handling world.

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    Recycling Conveyors

    Custom built wide paddle belt conveyors to handle large volume recycling.

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    The T-Belt was a large subcontract project for a company producing Frac sand conveyors from   2005-2012

    Schnell Industries built over 160 of these units over that time. Designed for on well site frac sand handling collecting sand from holding units delivering it to the mixer.


    • Dualbelt 2-30″ Belts capacity 22,000 lbs/min.
    • Unibelt 1- 36″ Belt total capacity 18,000 lbs/min.
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    Custom Trailers

    This particular trailer is designed to carry large grain bins and presents its own unique set of challenges involving the low profile design.

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    Hydraulic Power Packs

    We have an extensive background in hydraulic systems and have produced many different types of hydraulic power units from closed loop systems, Semi closed loop systems and open loop gear pump units.

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    Push Box

    The Schnell Push Box is designed to save strenuous manual labor and designed to work alongside automated bagging lines in packaging facilities.

    With a specialized aluminum skid frame, it can easily be set up to use with robotic stacking arms.

    A single person can run the packaging line, bag stacking and truck or container loading simultaneously to reduce labor cost.

    Easily attaches to a forklift and ties into the existing hydraulics and electrical.

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      Header Tilt Brackets

      Header tilt brackets for low clearance crop cutting allowing adjustment for different crop heights.


      • Designed to attach the John Deere 600 series header to the John Deere 9500, 9600 and earlier 9750 model combines.
      • Suited for soybean and edible bean crops, the header bracket enables a low clearance cut to avoid clipping bean pods.
      • With three position adjustment, this attachment ensures that the entire crop is harvested.
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      Shipping & Storage Containers

      We sell, Rent and Lease Containers locally.
      All containers are guaranteed weather and rodent tight.
      We customize containers adding doors, windows, roll up doors, vents, shelving, Lighting, electrical and

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      Portable Shop Frames & Rig Matting

      With the need for buildings up north in areas with permafrost or where only temporary structures were needed, we were asked by a local company to supply the main framework.  Some units were designed to bolt together on site while others where shipped as a complete unit.

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      Hose Spools

      We have designed and produced large volumes of hose spools for lay flat hose storage and deployment Industry. 

      Dewatering, Emegency water supply and irrigation are some of the markets they are used in.

      Various styles of spool stands and a universal deployment unit designed to fit on a skidsteer or loader have also been designed.

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      Weight Boxes

      A variety of reasons can make a weight box necessary. Whether it’s a traction need or a weight balance situation. We can build 3 Point Hitch mounted weight boxes or stationary mounted weight boxes any size or weight.

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      Aluminum Side Dump Box

      This particular project was unique in the fact that the application was for a light but bulky product to be composted and needed to be dumped in windrows on a field. We needed to come up with a large side dump box with a tandem door system. The Customer asked and we delivered.

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      We have built various signs and sign frames over the years from large to small.

      With a great relation ship with some local graphics and sign shops we have had the opportunity to do a lot of metal work for them.

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      Hammer Mill Screens

      A variety of hammer mill screens have been designed and can easily be ordered to fit your particular machine, with the options of different hardness of material to suit your application.

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      Stackable Seed Storage

      Designed for greater safety and higher stacking of seed while maintaining zero cross contamination with easy to clean bins. More environmentally friendly vs the throw away totes commonly used.

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      Walkways and Bridges

      Custom Rooftop Catwalks, Access ladders, Walking bridges and more.

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      Truck Implement Hitch

      Designed to haul heavy agriculture equipment with a semi-tractor. This implement hitch has a electric over hydraulic power unit to lift the combination hitch a total of 24” .

      Designed to handle 2 point hitch equipment as well as drawbar equipment.

      The 2 Point attachment has 2 settings for different category hitches

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      3D Printing

      We can assist in economically testing small prototype parts and samples with our 3D Printer.

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      Fire Pits

      With a talented in house graphics design team we can build that dream of a customized firepit into a reality.

      Give us your idea and we take it the rest of the way.