Sweep-All was purchased by Schnell Industries in 2017 and is a commercial turf equipment supplier known for its high quality commercial turf sweepers that can pick up a wide variety of turf debris including trash, gravel, sticks, nuts, pine straw, aeration plugs, goose poop to name a few. It has the ability to dethatch turf which is a unique function that a lot of sweepers are not capable of.

Sweep-All just launched a heavy duty towable aerator. This aerator is perfect for the commercial industry such as public works, rental stores and much more.

Sweep-All currently has 3 Models of Sweepers to fit a wide variety of our customers needs and uses and price ranges.

You will find our reliable products at: Schools, Parks, Public Works Departments, Rentals Stores and Golf Courses, Resorts and more.

Our goal is to satisfy customers with quality equipment built with top of the line components such as name brand Honda Engines, marine grade controls, plug and play wiring harnesses with sealed connections, heavy duty steel construction and the best after sale support you can wish for.

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