For materials that are shipped using multiple means of transportation to reach their final destination, transloaders are a critical piece of equipment to ensure speedy, efficient unloading and loading. Transloaders also serve as a secure transfer from one container to another to eliminate waste and spillage.

Compare Units

  • Specs
  • TLX30
  • TLX36
  • TLX42
  • Belt Width
  • 30"
  • 36"
  • 42"
  • Ton/HR
  • 240 +
  • 300 +
  • 400 +
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Four Wheel Steer
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Options
  • Kubota 60 HP Final Tier 4 Certified Diesel Engine (No DEF)
  • Electric 60 HP Motor (Needs External Power Source)
  • Catwalk w/ Hydraulic Control for Lowering Top Section
  • Catwalk Extension 6'
  • Catwalk Safety Gate
  • Cold Weather Package w/Webasto Heat System for Engine Hydraulics
  • Fall Arrest for Catwalk Use (Engineered) 30' Lanyard
  • Hydraulic Gate Opener
  • Rail Car Vibrator Package
  • Scale - Belt-Way Scale System +/-2% (Not Legal for Trade)
  • Spout - 4' Extendable Clear Spout by 16" Diameter
  • Wireless Remote - Control Belt On/Off, Spout, Catwalk, Gate Opener
  • Dust Collector 600 CFM
  • Drive Over Ramps Aluminum
  • Trunking Extension 6'
  • Discharge Regular
  • Discharge with Vibrator
  • Stinger Regular (Full Belt Cover, No Safety Stop)
  • Stinger Drive Over w/Flip Up Wings & Safety Paddle Stop
  • Stinger w/ Flip Up Wings & Safety Paddle Stop


Whether transporting granular materials from rail to truck, truck to rail or truck to truck, a high-capacity, durable, mobile transloader can help reduce load times and keep operations economical. Schnell Industries is a railcar transloader conveyor manufacturer known for high-quality, long-lasting equipment and exceptional service.

The Conveyor Equipment Options You Need

As a trusted transloading company, Schnell Industries offers a range of options and features in our conveyor equipment to ensure that you have exactly the right material handling conveyor for your needs. These features include:

  • Gate Openers: Open and close hopper gates quickly and safely with hydraulic gate openers.
  • Scales: Monitor truck load weights, batch weights, and daily weights at +/- 2% accuracy when used in conjunction with a certified truck scale.
  • Extendable Spout: Ensure that material is loaded efficiently via the 4-foot length, 16” diameter, hydraulically extendable spout. A ¾” steel weight ring seals the opening to minimize spillage when loading.
  • Dust Collectors: Integrated dust collectors can recirculate ambient particles back to the conveyor and are equipped with a magnehelic gauge to monitor air flow and filter status.
  • Cold Weather Packages: Maintain seamless conveyor machinery operation in all climates with battery warmers, a battery trickle charger, and a heater for coolant and hydraulic oil.
  • Rail Car Vibration Equipment: Improve particle flow by vibrating the rail car during unloading.

Plus, we are experts in custom equipment manufacturing, with decades of experience. We use 3D product design and analysis to develop the right conveyor for your needs. 

Benefits of Industrial Conveyor Systems

Numerous industries can benefit from high-quality conveyor equipment, such as transloaders, especially when it comes from a dependable, portable transloader manufacturer such as Schnell Industries. These advantages include increased productivity; reduced loading, unloading and transfer time; increased worker safety; and an improvement in on-time fulfillment. Markets in which our transloaders can make a difference include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial applications

As well as any operation that requires moving granular material, such as:

  • Sand
  • Grain (barley, wheat, rye and more)
  • Aggregates
  • Cement powder
  • Fly ash
  • Potash
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Crystals
  • Minerals
  • And more

At Schnell Industries we stand behind our transloaders and always build equipment with top notch workmanship evident. We have over 70 years of combined conveyor expertise with a very dedicated design team always working to improve our existing products. Our products including our transloaders are built with lots of customer input to ensure the most desirable product gets to our customers. With industry-leading quality and after sale support from Schnell Industries, you can depend on us! For more information or to get a quote, contact us today.