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Loading, unloading or transferring granular materials? Then choose a transloader from a conveyor manufacturing company that understands your needs. Our highly maneuverable transloaders are engineered for exceptional throughput and reliability in the toughest conditions. We believe they’re the best in the industry.

Conveying Granular Materials

Granular materials and fine powders such as sand, grain and fly ash challenge most conveyor manufacturers. Some materials are heavy, some abrasive, and others friable or easily damaged. Segregation can be a problem — along with dust and spillage, and belts will wear.

Schnell Industries is the conveyor systems manufacturer with the expertise to handle these issues. Our transloader mobile conveyors are used with the following:

  • Sand
  • Corn
  • Aggregates
  • Cement powder
  • Fly ash
  • Potash
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Crystals

These materials are particularly well-suited for the aggregate, oil/gas and agriculture industries.

What Separates Schnell Industries Transloaders From the Rest?

Loading and unloading must be accomplished as quickly as possible to minimize turnaround. That demands a high throughput transloader. Ours are capable of up to 400 TPH, which we believe makes them the fastest in the industry.

Maneuverability is essential, too. The quicker the transloader is moved into place, the sooner unloading can begin. Most of our transloader conveyors have four-wheel 180-degree steering and hydraulic motors for rapid movement with precise control over position.

Our low-profile, portable conveyor system fits comfortably under every truck or railcar. There’s never any struggling to get it in place. That’s something else that facilitates rapid turnarounds. As a conveyor company, we use reliable, high-torque diesel engines and direct hydraulic drive on all our transloaders. There’s always plenty of power for the conveyor and wheel motors.

We Take Pride In Our Attention To Detail!

“Taking the time to satisfy each customer has led to the success of Schnell Industries, whether it is customizing our products for them or accommodating a unique project.”

Customization Options

Our transloaders come with a long options list. From vibrating rollers and gate openers to extendable spouts and dust collectors, you can get it on a Schnell Industries conveyor. If you need something that’s not on the options list, ask. We’re a custom conveyor manufacturer, too!

The Industry-Leading Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer

We know the machinery we build leads hard lives, and we engineer accordingly. Our high-quality conveyors incorporate:

  • Heavy-duty sealed bearings
  • A conveyor design without trouble-prone intermittent bed rollers
  • Durable two-ply belts
  • Leakproof super-screw lacing

Planter Hitches, Turf Sweepers and Custom Work

Schnell Industries is more than just a conveyor equipment manufacturer. We’ve been making planter hitches for over 20 years, and have recently expanded into turf sweepers. We also do custom fabrication work.

Our patented planter hitch costs less than installing a three-point hitch on a four-wheel-drive articulated tractor and it’s easily removed, if necessary.

Sweep-All is our brand of high-quality commercial turf sweepers. Designed to pick up a wide variety of debris, these perform turf de-thatching, as well. A heavy-duty towable aerator is also available from Sweep-All.

Exceptional Service and Support

We’re a transloader conveyors manufacturer that stands behind our products. Our after-sales service is second-to-none, and we’re always happy to answer your conveying questions. Contact us to learn more.

25 years of innovation

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