Commercial Transloader Conveyor

Transloaders are a specialized form of industrial or commercial conveyor for transferring dry bulk cargo between modes of transport. Typically, this is from railcar to truck or truck to railcar. Granular material exits through a gate at the bottom of the railcar or trailer — and the transloader raises and discharges it into the hopper, trailer or second railcar.

Transloader Conveyors for Commercial and Industrial Applications

If you’re looking for a commercial transloader conveyor, come to Schnell Industries. We have extensive experience designing and building these for dry granular materials such as fertilizer, cement powder, salt, potash, etc. Engineered to high standards of quality and reliability, our transloaders handle heavy loads at high speeds, incorporate dust control and exclusion features, and are highly maneuverable for tight spaces.

Conveyor systems manufacturers like to talk experience. We’ve been handling dry bulk cargo for more than 25 years, and have delivered systems to customers in the most demanding industries. Whatever your granular material handling application, we have an industrial transloader that will save you time and money.

Why Choose Our Industrial Conveyor Systems?

We’re renowned for the quality and attention to detail we put into every TL and TLX transloaders. Key features of each commercial transloader we build include:

  • Belt material and construction chosen to match the dry cargo weight and characteristics
  • Designed to minimize damage to the product being moved
  • Powerful motors for higher conveyor speeds and faster loading and unloading
  • Easily and quickly moved into position between truck and railcar
  • Designed with dust control features to reduce maintenance

Every Schnell Industries transloader — except the TL24 model — is equipped with four-wheel steering and hydraulic four-wheel drive for quick and easy positioning. The low clearance conveyor is designed to fit comfortably beneath trucks and railcars, and an optional gate opener speeds unloading.

Other available options include:

  • Belt-Way scales
  • Catwalk (for viewing the discharge point)
  • Extendable discharge spout
  • Cold weather package
  • Drive over Tail with flip up containment wings
  • Hopper Vibrator
  • Gate opener
  • Conveyor extensions

Advantages of Using a Schnell Industries Commercial Conveyor

The high quality of our transloaders, coupled with our conveyor engineering experience, means they deliver superior performance in commercial and industrial granular material handling applications.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Easy to maneuver in confined spaces.
  • Unload railcars and trucks faster than possible with transloaders from other conveyor system manufacturers.
  • Spend less time on maintenance and buy fewer replacement commercial conveyor parts.
  • High level of protection for people working around these transloaders.

Choose Schnell Industries for Your Next Industrial or Commercial Transloader

Fast and reliable transloader conveyors speed transfer of dry bulk cargoes such as salt and fertilizer. Engineered to be the fastest, most reliable units on the market, our conveyors will save you time and money by increasing the productivity of loading/unloading operations. In addition, each conveyor we manufacture is backed by our outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

To request a quote for a Schnell Industries commercial conveyor or for more information, contact us today.