Planting is one of the most important jobs that farmers and agricultural companies have to accomplish. They need to be sure they have the most efficient and cost-effective means to get the work done properly. The equipment they choose plays a significant role in this.

Planter Hitches

In fact, a conversion planter hitch could help you avoid costly modifications to your tractor or planter, which is why so many choose this option. A hitch conversion means your existing machinery becomes more versatile and capable. This flexibility allows you to effectively handle your operations. Therefore, it is crucial to select a Draw Bar Hitch that you can rely upon and which lives up to your expectations. Fortunately, Schnell Industries has the expertise and the capabilities to provide you with the trustworthy, durable equipment you need.

Why Schnell Industries is Your Go-To Source

Schnell Industries has been manufacturing planter hitches for over 20 years. An industrial planter hitch allows you to adapt a two-point mount planter to the drawbar in response to the ever-growing size of planters, with little to no modifications needed to be made on your equipment. A cheaper alternative to installing a 3-point hitch planter system on a four-wheel-drive articulated tractor and easy to remove to switch back to 2-point hookup if ever desired. Our Patented design includes standard features such as a category 4 swivel pintle ball hitch (optional category 5 available) hydraulic hoses for the cylinder ram, safety channel for hydraulic cylinder, heavy-duty tubing leg stands and a high-quality powder coat finish that will match your planter to give it the original look.

The Many Benefits of Our Equipment

Whether you need a John Deere planter hitch or another brand, you can’t go wrong with Schnell Industries. Not only do our hitches help you avoid the cost involved in modifying a tractor, but they also bring numerous other advantages to your fields. For example, they are much easier to install and remove than other products, reducing how long it takes to complete the job. These units are also quick to adapt to conditions such as wet soil, and they can enhance the overall versatility of your machines.

Put Your Faith in Us

With more than 20 years of experience building custom agricultural equipment solutions, no one knows more about planter hitches than Schnell Industries. When you choose a product with our name, rest assured that you will be getting the highest levels of performance and quality. To see all that we have to offer in this category, take a look at our product listings on this page. Then, get in touch with us to get started.