High Lift Planter Hitch for John Deere

The Planter Hitch is a cost effective way to easily convert your planter from 2 point style to drawbar.

This Planter Hitch adapts to the ever increasing size and weight of Planters and provides easy operation with full range of lift height and capacity.

Compatible Models:

  • 1770
  • 1775
  • 1790
  • 1795
  • Most 7200


  • Weight: 1161 lbs
  • Length: 89.5″
  • Width: 25.9″
  • Height: 50.4″
Electrical harness and hydraulic lines will need to be extended when using this hitch.

Patented design in the USA and Canada


  • Standard Category 4 Pintle Hitch with ball swivel to reduce wear on the drawbar
  • Main side plates and hitch weldment 3/4″ thick steel
  • No welding or modification required on the planter.


Category 5 Pintle available