Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Material loading and unloading operations often have a unique set of conditions required to complete the job with speed, efficiency and safety. However, standard conveyor equipment may not always meet your needs. Many times, stock equipment may not have the specifications you need for your facilities, such as reaching the requisite height. In other scenarios, when more versatility is necessary — as with most material handling tasks — stock machinery may not have the speed and efficiency to get the project done on time.

Fortunately, there is a solution: custom equipment. Schnell Industries offers custom telescopic belt conveyors designed specifically for your application, no matter what you need. With decades of experience, we combine extensive expertise with advanced design technology — including 3D part design and analysis — to ensure that your custom telescopic conveyor provides you with everything you need.

Telescopic conveyors provide exceptional flexibility for a wide range of material handling applications, especially loading and unloading granular materials from rail to truck, truck to rail or truck to truck.

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Explore Versatile Custom Telescopic Conveyor Options and Capabilities

We are trusted telescopic conveyor manufacturers who specialize in developing solutions that other machinery can’t provide. Our design-focused experts can dive deep into the requirements of your operation and create the best possible equipment, all while saving you valuable time in loading and unloading processes.

Your telescopic conveyor for truck loading and rail loading can be customized for:

  • Conveying Height: We have developed custom solutions that can reach heights up to 60 feet. We work closely with you to determine the right telescopic height for your conveyor to ensure maximum performance and versatility.
  • Mobility: In loading and unloading scenarios, multiple bins, containers and vehicles must be handled. We can design mobile telescopic belt conveyors to help you finish the work faster than ever.
  • Handling Capacity: We identify and analyze your needs to create a personalized conveyor with just the right amount of handling capacity — without overengineering, keeping your costs reasonable.
  • Legal Road Transport: We also have extensive experience in designing versatile conveyors that are suitable for trailer hitching, legal for road transport, and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of transit.

One of our most recent projects for a client in the oil and gas industry required a tall telescoping conveyor with the ability to move between bins for quick loading and unloading. We worked with the client to develop an extendable conveyor with a 60-foot maximum height, a drive-over intake, mobility to quickly move between bins, and the ability to be legally transported on roads via semi-trailer.

Trust Schnell Industries

The agricultural and oil/gas industries represent only a portion of our business. Our custom design expertise enables us to create the right custom conveyors for virtually any application in which loading and unloading of granular materials are required, including commercial applications, food and beverage manufacturing, recycling, and more.

We are dedicated to building the highest-quality equipment. With a proven track record of building high-capacity, durable conveyor systems, we are ready to help streamline your operations. For more information or to get a quote, contact us today.